While most homeowners in Maryland rely on the city for their water, a lucky few get their water from personal wells. Having a well on your property means not worrying about exorbitant water bills or citywide water contamination, and it may add value when you sell your home.

However, while wells have some natural filtration through the soil, proper water testing and treatment is still important to maintain your family’s safety.

Having a well water test done periodically can help catch water quality issues before they can cause serious problems. Our water treatment specialists can test your water, and if there are any issues, help you decide on the best water treatment system for your home.

Problems to Watch Out for With a Private Well

Nontoxic Minerals and Sediment

Most homes that rely on well water have at least a small degree of contamination. The most common problems are sediment and mineral content. While it won’t kill you, it can affect the taste of your water and clog pipes.

You may also see mineral buildup on water fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom. The most likely culprit is iron, which creates a metal taste and smell in your drinking water and can discolor your sink and laundry with rust-colored stains.

Signs of a sediment or mineral problem can be found within your plumbing system. If you notice slow draining, unusual smells, frequent clogs or leaks, give us a call.

Smell of Sulfur

Hydrogen sulfide gas can also find its way into your well water. Low levels are safe to drink, but you may not want to after catching the rotten-egg smell, which translates into a taste to match. High levels can damage plumbing-attached appliances, as well, corroding ice maker or dishwasher mechanisms and pipes. If you smell sulfur, the first step toward resolving the issue is getting a well water test.

Toxic Copper

Sulfur and sedimentation are problematic but somewhat superficial. However, acidic water can lead to health issues for sensitive family members. Low water pH causes copper pipes to erode and add high levels of the metal to your water supply.

High copper levels are toxic and can make your family sick. Even lower levels go beyond poor flavor to tint your drains or stain your hair with a blue-green sheen. If you notice either of these signs, contact our team. We respond quickly and provide quality water treatment solutions.


Limescale is a buildup of magnesium and calcium that can clog your pipes. Also known as hard water, this can lead to trouble over time. Your water heater or appliances may fail, and you’ll likely see a drop in water pressure. Fixing these issues takes time and money that you don’t want to spend—but our water tests are free.

Provide Safe Water for Your Family With a Well Water Treatment System

You’ve found signs of well water contamination—now what? Our water treatment specialists are trained in the best water testing methods to determine which contaminants you’re dealing with and whether they’re dangerous.

Once we know what the issue is, we’ll work with you to come up with a water treatment plan. We understand that every customer has different needs. That’s why we’ll customize your plan and install a purification system that will solve the problem and fit your budget.

Types of Water Treatment Systems

Whole House

Many well-reliant homes in central Maryland face problems beyond the taste of their drinking water. If you notice any signs of a problem, getting a whole-house filtration system is a smart choice. It cleans your water supply as it enters your home to ensure safe water that tastes great and extends the life of your pipes.

A well water test not only reveals the contaminants in your water, but it also points us toward the best water treatment system to solve the problem.

Single Faucet

If your water is safe and your pipes are buildup free, you can use a drinking water system attached to a single sink to improve the taste. These purification systems cost less and clear minerals from your water using reverse osmosis or carbon filters.

While you can find cheap filtration products online that connect directly to your faucet, they’re unlikely to handle the amount of water your family goes through in a day. A professional system can handle up to 43 gallons daily so heavy users can have clean water without constantly buying the expensive replacement carbon filters.

Contact Atlantic Blue Water Services

A private well can help you avoid city water contamination issues, but it’s still important to install a well water treatment system to maintain a healthy water supply. By adding a filtration system to your home, you can prevent costly pipe buildup and potential medical bills. To schedule a free water test and analysis, call Atlantic Blue Water Services at 410-840-2583 today!