CareSoft Elite

CareSoft Elite® – Innovative Water Softening

Reduce hard water, improve appliance performance, & more!

Are you interested in an environmentally friendly water softening solution that can do more? With the CareSoft Elite® system, not only will your household plumbing, appliances, and laundry be protected, but it can also assure your family’s skin and hair stays smooth, soft, and healthy.

Our CareSoft Elite® system delivers the high-quality water you deserve!

High-performance water softening

When choosing a water softening system, consider technology that not only improves your home’s performance but will also assure your family’s satisfaction with clean water – consider CareSoft Elite®!

About the CareSoft Elite®

  • Includes a high-capacity resin that reduces hardness
  • Features a patented Chlorine Generator that automatically cleans the system
  • Composed with advanced technology that learns your water habits
  • Includes a low-maintenance brine tank designed to streamline salt

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Chlorine Generator – Standard

For low-maintenance, automatic cleaning cycles.

Water Efficient Technology™ – Optional

Creates maximum efficiency, helping you save money on salt and water.

Wripli® – Optional

Connects to your softener system for wireless stats and notifications.