Specialty Filters for Drinking Water Systems in MD & PA

2-Stage Drinking Water System

Point of use system can be used for the reduction of nitrates, lead or taste & odor. Comes with its own faucet and has a built in meter to monitor water usage and shuts off when cartridges are exhausted. N-nitrates L-lead C-carbon (taste & odor).

Wholehouse Nitrate Removal Uses Anion Resin Select

Treated to remove nitrates from water. Demand regenerated metered valve tracks water usage and cleans as needed. Electronic valve with full ported 1″ stainless steel by-pass valves Lifetime Tank Warranty/10 Year Valve Warranty.

Chemical Injection System

Used to pump lite soda ash into water as it enters the home to eliminate acid. It does not increase hardness like an acid neutralizer will. Can also be used to treat bacteria and odors in water by using chlorine. Is installed with a static mixer for soda ash and requires a blending tank (additional) for chlorine treatment.

We also carry a full line of lock ring filter housings in all sizes and a complete line of cartridges to match

  • Sediment: melt blow- string wound – washable pleated in all micron ratings
  • Carbon: carbon block and GAC cartridges
  • Lead Reduction
  • Nitrate Reduction
  • And many specialty filters and supplies related to the industry.

Atlantic Blue installs specialty filter systems and replacement cartridges throughout Central Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania.