Ion Pro

Ion Pro® Air Sulfur & Air Iron Water Filters

Better For Your Home And The Environment

How Ion Pro® Series “Air” Filters Work

The Ion Pro® Air Sulfur filter was designed to eliminate foul odors from your water. The Ion Pro® Air Iron filter was designed to eliminate iron and manganese from your water, reducing staining on pipes and fixtures. The air filter transports untreated water through an inlet and down into an air dome, which oxidizes and precipitates sulfur and other impurities. Next is the start of the regeneration process, where water flows slowly through a valve, releasing captured air. In the backwash stage, undesirable particles drain harmlessly from your unit. Finally, air is drawn back into the tank to replenish the air used during oxidation.

The Ion Pro® Air Sulfur Unit Includes

  • Unique air chamber combined with a specialized filtration media
  • Economically efficient filtration uses only the water necessary to maintain consistent pressure throughout your household
  • Elimination of odors caused by sulfur
  • An environmentally friendly solution for clean, high-quality water without chemicals and salt

The Ion Pro® Air Iron Unit Includes

  • Multi-position sequencing
  • No additional chemicals or salt
  • Innovative air chamber and quartz under the bedding
  • Patented IQ technology and highly effective filtration media

Inch Worm Technology

Gently releases air when valve advances to backwash.

Ozone Generator- Optional

One of the most powerful sterilants on the planet.

Wripli® – Optional

Connects to your softener system for wireless stats and notifications.