Water Coolers

Water coolers are part of many homes and businesses. They save time and provide a steady supply of hot, cold, and room-temperature water. However, the standard water cooler with its gallons of water on top comes with hassles and harms the environment.

At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we offer bottle-free coolers by Wellsys that let you feel good about using them. You can even admire how they look in your home or office.

A bottle-free device offers many advantages over traditional ones. Not only do they look appealing, but they are also healthier, more efficient, free up space in your home, and help you save the environment.

Bottle-free water coolers use water directly from your city or well’s water source. The coolers filter and purify the water, making it safe to drink. When you make the switch to bottleless water coolers, you’ll see the difference they make to your home, business, and wallet.

Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers

Several perks come with switching to a bottleless water cooler. Our specialists at Atlantic Blue Water Services deliver, install, maintain, repair, and replace your device. You never have to worry if you need parts, replacement, or if something goes wrong with your water cooler.

See what benefits you get when you try a bottleless water cooler:

  • Aesthetically pleasing: Our bottleless water coolers add a modern flair to your business or home décor. Since they’re not as common as traditional water coolers, they’re a great conversation starter. You also have two options to choose from—standing and countertop–that work for any space limitations.
  • Connected to the source: When you don’t have extra water bottles on hand or your water service doesn’t deliver on time, you might face a water shortage. This situation forces you to buy more water in the meantime. Since Bottle-less coolers connect to your primary water source, you never have to worry about running out.
  • Cut costs: Our bottleless water coolers cut your water cost over time. When you buy the plastic bottles to supplement water, it adds up over time. We eliminate the need to replace gallons, and your water costs will drop since you’re getting it straight from the source.
  • Save space: Saving space not only applies to where the cooler stands but also where you store your water bottles. By eliminating the need for bottles, you have more space to use for other items in your garage or kitchen area.
  • Safe and pure: Bottle-less cooling systems are safe to drink from, and all our filters are non-toxic, made with premium material. We use modern filtration technology to ensure purified, clean, and great-tasting water is always available for you and your guests.
  • Help the environment: The production of water bottles has a substantial impact on the environment. Besides manufacturing, plastic takes thousands of years to degrade in landfills and oceans. Shipping them to you means extra gas and carbon emissions from delivery trucks as well. Bottle-less water coolers significantly reduce negative environmental impact.
  • Easy to maintain: One of the downsides to technology is not finding parts when something goes wrong. You can find all filters for your water cooler at your local retail store. We also offer maintenance agreements and service contracts so you never have to worry about repairing or replacing your water cooler.

Water Cooler Installation and Maintenance

At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we install, maintain, and replace water coolers for homes and businesses. If you have an existing cooler or want more information about our products, stop by or call us at 410-840-BLUE today.

Our specialists are always ready for device installation or maintenance. Make the switch to our bottleless water coolers and experience the difference they make in price, impact, and convenience for you.