Water Testing in Maryland

Water is a vital resource you use daily. From cooking to washing, drinking to cleaning, you rely on water to keep your home and business running smoothly. However, if it contains pollutants, water can be dangerous to you, your family or your customers. You can mitigate the risk of water contamination by testing your water. At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we can evaluate your water to ensure it is clean and fresh. We have decades of experience and offer award-winning solutions. Contact us online or call 410-840-2583 for water testing services in Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania.

Why Water Testing Is Vital

If you don’t test your water, you risk drinking contaminants that harm your long-term health. Here is why your home or business in Maryland needs water testing:

  • Hard water issues: Hard water develops when large amounts of calcium or magnesium enter your water. Water from wells is usually the culprit due to its rich mineral content. Hard water is harsh on surfaces, clothing and skin.
  • Viral or bacterial contamination: Viruses and harmful bacteria love moisture and water and thrive in these environments. These pathogens cause several health issues and don’t have to be in your drinking water to cause harm — pathogens enter your body through your nose, throat or eyes during a bath or shower.
  • Lead exposure: Lead is a dangerous metallic substance that shouldn’t be in your water supply. It poses serious health risks for people. Lead contamination in water usually happens when old pipes corrode with time and use.
  • Pesticides and run-off occurrences: These dangerous chemicals are used to protect crops. They are toxic for pets and humans and seep into wells and water systems. If you live near any farms, always test your water routinely.
  • Plastic particle infiltration: Plastic doesn’t degrade for thousands of years. In water, this material leaves microscopic particles that people and wildlife consume unknowingly. Testing your water for these particles ensures you have the right filtration system to keep them out of your supply.

Atlantic Blue Water Services delivers robust, well water testing and hard water testing in Maryland. Our licensed plumbers will use award-winning solutions to help identify and eliminate potentially dangerous substances.

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Our Water Testing Services, Maryland

At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we perform water testing and offer robust filtration systems that keep your water fresh and pure. After we test your water supply, we determine the best treatment to ensure your water is safe. We leverage a three-step solution:

  • Step 1: We tackle hard water issues using salt, which removes the presence of minerals that stain and give your water an unpleasant taste.
  • Step 2: If we find pathogens in your water supply, we use UV technology to destroy viruses and bacteria strains to ensure they don’t return.
  • Step 3: When your water contains a lot of fine particles, we apply reverse osmosis treatment to remove even the smallest components.

Our water testing process is fast and easy, and we immediately identify the source of contamination. We also offer continued maintenance and testing services so you catch contaminants before they become significant health hazards.

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Maryland Well Water Testing You Can Count On

Atlantic Blue Water Services has built a solid reputation among home and business owners in Maryland and regions of Pennsylvania. We provide:

  • Knowledge and expertise: We are fully licensed, insured and certified by the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC). We are also members of the Better Business Bureau, Water Quality Association and National Sanitation Foundation. Our level of expertise and training is unrivaled.
  • Quality products: Our team of experts prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. We offer intuitive, robust, premium-quality products to deliver pure water without compromise.
  • Endorsed service: We have thousands of excellent Google reviews and raving fans. Our testimonials speak for themselves.
  • Award-winning solutions: For over 17 years and counting, we have been voted Carroll’s Best for being the region’s best water conditioning and softening company.
  • Honest recommendations: We run our business on honesty, integrity and good business practices. Our licensed plumbers give honest suggestions on what solutions will work best for you and explain why, so you can rest assured knowing we have your family, employees or customer safety in mind.

Schedule Water Testing for Your Peace of Mind

Contaminated water often smells, tastes and looks foul, giving you, your family, clients and associates an unpleasant experience. Yet, sometimes, contaminants go undetected. Scheduling a water testing service is the best way to get peace of mind. Our team uses state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to identify any water issues. Whether toxins leak into your water supply from piping systems, your property or other sources, we will help tackle the problems.

We customize solutions to meet your specific needs. Protect your loved ones, clientele or employees by getting a water quality test. Contact us online to schedule water treatment evaluation and related services today.