Many homeowners don’t realize that something is wrong with their water until it’s too late and they are seeing health problems, noticing a strange odor or experiencing an odd aftertaste. Water testing is the best way to determine what the underlying issues are in your water supply, but after that what can be done? Atlantic Blue Water Services works with homeowners throughout Maryland to find the right water treatment system for their situation. How can you choose the right option for you?

The Signs that You Need a Water Treatment System

Before you can find the right system for your home, you need to understand the signs that you might need professional treatment. Some of the biggest warning signs of trouble include:

  • Water that isn’t transparent might be in need of treatment. If your water is safe and free from contaminants, it should be completely clear and not have a strange tint or things visible floating inside of it.

  • Water that has an earthy smell or taste could indicate algae growth somewhere in the water system. Every alga is not dangerous, but some can cause health issues and water discoloration.
  • Water with a metallic taste could also require a water treatment system. Metal might be eroding from your pipes due to acidic water or something else present that causes the taste.
  • If your water smells like rotten eggs, it indicates high levels of hydrogen sulfide. The combination of a backwashing filter and aeration device can help to get rid of the obnoxious smell so you can enjoy your water again.
  • When water has a smell or taste of chlorine, it often indicates that the water treatment facility might have added too much chlorine during the treatment process. We can help test your water and pinpoint the best water treatment system to solve the issue.
  • Health problems are one of the most concerning signs that you might require additional filtration or treatment. When there are bacteria and viruses present in your water, it can lead to things like nausea, diarrhea and even vomiting. If you notice that something seems to feel wrong after drinking your water, don’t wait to get help.

What Water Treatment System Is Right for Me?

At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we offer a broad spectrum of filters and treatment systems designed to meet the needs of any homeowner. Some of the most common systems that we offer include:

  • Water Conditioners & Softeners: Whether you need a water treatment system for your well water or a softener like the CareSoft Elite that can be used with municipal water, we can help you determine the perfect softener for your home. Our city water and well water conditioners reduce hardness, remove minerals that can stain your plumbing fixtures and minimize water and salt use to save you as much money as possible.
  • Whole House Water Filters: If you want peace of mind that all of the water in your home is safe to use and ingest, a whole house filter is the right water treatment system. Our filters get rid of contaminants and prevent particles from remaining in your water without the need to add more chemicals in.
  • Acid Neutralizers: City water and well water can both be acidic, and the CareClear Pro is a wonderful filtration solution. These acid neutralizing filters can get rid of the odor or taste of chlorine, neutralize acidic water and get rid of any particles that are visible in your water. Even better, it will adjust and self-monitor as you use it to align with your usage patterns.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters: One of the leading water treatment system options that homeowners have is reverse osmosis filters. We offer multiple reverse osmosis solutions that will offer a high level of filtration. Water will be forced through a very fine membrane and all particles and contaminants will be left behind on the other side. Any water containing the contaminants will go down the drain and you will be able to enjoy fresh, clean water. We can help determine the right system for your home.
  • Specialty Filters: Outside of other water treatment methods, we also offer specialty filters that have specific goals. For example, a chemical injection system can remove acid from the water without increasing hardness like a traditional acid neutralizer would.
  • Ultraviolet Lights: UV lights are a good addition to any water treatment system, as they ensure bacteria-free water wherever you are. You can use it in your home to feel confident about the safety of your water.

Call Atlantic Blue Water Services for Your Water Treatment System

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