The water treatment that you use at your home helps to keep you and your family safe and protected from any harmful chemicals, compounds and contaminants. However, what if your water treatment equipment isn’t getting the job done? Eventually, even the highest quality water treatment equipment will need to be replaced with something that is newer. At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we can help you determine whether it’s time to update your water treatment equipment for something newer. Here are some of the reasons it might be time to upgrade yours.

Why Will You Eventually Need to Update Your Water Treatment Equipment?

Before we delve into the signs that it might be time to upgrade your water treatment system, it’s important to understand why you will eventually need to do so. One of the biggest reasons is technology. Water treatment technology is constantly evolving for the better to address more contaminants, remove things even more effectively and get even better results. Just like every new car will eventually be eclipsed by a newer car that has even safer technology or every computer will eventually need to be replaced by something more secure, your water treatment equipment will eventually be outdated and potentially unsafe. We can help guide you through the process of evaluating the current quality of your system and choosing the perfect new option to update your water treatment equipment.

1.    New Models are More Efficient

New appliances are designed with efficiency in mind, which means that they require less water and less energy to get the job done. In order to be highly efficient, your washing machine requires water that is high-quality, not hard and properly treated. Appliances that are able to use treated water have longer lifespans and get the job done easier. Aside from today’s washing machines and dishwashers, new water treatment equipment is also more efficient. We offer a variety of models that are highly efficient and that can adapt their cycle time and treatment flow based on the specific usage patterns of your home and family. By optimizing the regeneration cycle and treatment processes, you will be able to get the most from your softening and treatment technology.

2.    Your Model Isn’t Cutting It

Another common reason to update your water treatment equipment is that your current model is no longer working as it should. If it is making strange noises, you experience changes in the taste or smell of the finished product, you have dry hair or skin or your water treatment seems to be less effective, you should contact our team. We can evaluate your current system to determine if a simple filter change or repair could be effective or if choosing to update your water treatment equipment is a better idea.

3.    New Contaminants

Unfortunately, there are always new contaminants and chemicals finding their way into the water supply. PFAS, for example, are an emerging health concern. They are not regulated broadly and they can be produced from things like agricultural operations or manufacturing. If you have a new, modern water treatment system, it will be better equipped to remove these hazardous things from your water supply. We can provide you with a water treatment system that targets specific contaminants present in your water. We can also test your water so that you have a crystal clear picture of exactly what is present, the amount it is present and the best way to remove it. Working with an experienced partner like Atlantic Blue Water Services is the best way to move forward. We can also help educate you on what other contaminants might be common in your area and how they could impact the current state of your water and even your personal health.

4.    Local Concerns

If you are like many homeowners, you have a simpler water treatment solution than what might actually be needed to keep your home safe. Municipal water quality and private well water quality can both be serious concerns for homeowners throughout the country. If you had your water tested years ago and determined a rudimentary treatment system was enough, things might no longer be the same. Have your water tested by the professionals at Atlantic Blue Water Services to determine precisely what is present. We can then help you to determine if your current water treatment solution is doing enough. In most cases, a reverse osmosis drinking water system is the leading way to remove or reduce the harmful contaminants from your water. There are also whole house systems that allow you to not worry about any of the water coming out from your faucets.

5.    Mineral Accumulation

One of the biggest signs that your current water treatment system is not working properly is the accumulation of minerals around your faucets and fixtures. Water softeners and treatment systems are often used to get rid of things like calcium and magnesium, which can leave behind deposits on plumbing fixtures and dishes. When your water softener or treatment system is not working correctly, needs to be repaired or is past its prime, you will start to see staining, spotting and other white mineral deposits on things like glasses, dishes, ceramics, sinks and your toilet. These minerals can also clog faucets and showerheads or make your appliances less efficient. If you are having trouble with your treatment system and struggling to determine what the problem is, we can help you to troubleshoot and find a new option that does successfully remove minerals from your water.

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