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Using the right water treatment to keep your water supply clean should be one of your top priorities. Without it, you open yourself and your family up to a host of illnesses, while also damaging your clothing and household appliances.

It’s easy to discount the importance of water treatment. Contaminated water can often look and smell fine, but it could be hiding something really malevolent. The EPA recommends testing your water once a year. Proper testing is the only way to know what type of water treatment your need.

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Contaminants Your Water Might Contain

It is vital to have the correct water treatment if you get your water from a well. Coming straight from the source, you do not have the benefit of an external filtration process.

However, even though public water plants extensively filter water, the water travels a long way before it exits your tap. Water can pick up a range of contaminants on this journey.

Long-term exposure to harmful water contaminants can seriously affect your health, causing everything from an upset stomach to death.

  • Pathogens – Viruses and bacteria are common contaminants and can cause a range of illnesses.
  • Nitrate and nitrite – These are generally contaminants from fertilizers and human sewage.
  • Heavy metals – Heavy metals like arsenic, chromium, copper, lead, and antimony can lead to cancer and damage your liver, kidneys, and children’s brains.
  • Magnesium and calcium – These minerals are less damaging to your body but can build up in your pipes and appliances and damage them over time.
  • Microplastics – These microscopic particles can have negative effects on your hormones and reproductive system.

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Types of Water Treatments

As so many different things could be floating around in your water, it follows that there isn’t a single cure for every problem. Atlantic Blue Water Services will test your water and install the right water treatment for your home.

Drinking Water Systems

Drinking water systems can be beneficial to your health, wallet, and the environment. They remove lead, excess sodium, and harmful contaminants. A system also saves money spent buying bottled water, cutting down on how much plastic you use.

Water Chlorination

Chlorinated water can eliminate harmful bacteria in your water supply. We offer chlorination for both new and old wells. While chlorination doesn’t need to occur annually, you should check the chlorine levels in your water once every 3 – 5 years.

Acidic Water

Acidic water can erode your pipes and fixtures and leave your water with a metallic taste. We don’t use harsh chemicals. Instead, we use a natural mineral acid neutralizer to filter the harmful metals out of your water.

Iron Water

Iron can enter your water through runoff from industries or the release of natural iron deposits into groundwater. While it is not harmful to your health, prolonged exposure can stain your tub and toilet, and cause laundry problems. We use various softeners, filtrations tanks, and aeration systems to combat the problem.

Water Softening

Hard water got its name from how difficult it makes cleaning, as it makes many soaps ineffective. You’ll notice a film on your dishes, soap scum, or scale build-up on your sink, tub, and appliances. We can provide a water softener filtration system to get rid of hard water.

The only way to know what type of water treatment system you need is to have a water test. Call the professionals at Atlantic Blue Water Services to get started.

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