Water Test Sykesville, MD

Every home needs a water test at some point. The EPA recommends yearly tests, but don’t shy away from having them conducted more often.

You use water for so many different things that keeping it as free from contaminants as possible should be something you keep at the forefront of your mind. You wouldn’t want to drink dirty water from a filthy glass or wear clothes that your washing machine didn’t properly clean.

You can’t change the water that comes into your house, but you can remove any impurities it carries with a quality water filtration system from Atlantic Blue Water Services.

Call us today for a water test in Sykesville, MD. We’ll use the results to determine what kind of filtration system you need.

What Your Water Might Be Carrying

Sometimes you can just look at a glass of water and know that you shouldn’t drink it. Other times, it takes a small sip before you realize that it should not be entering your body. But on some occasions, you won’t be able to see or taste waterborne contaminants at all.

Unfortunately, there is a long list of things that could be hiding in your water:

  • Pathogens – Viruses and bacteria are some of the most common contaminants and can cause a range of illnesses.
  • Nitrate and nitrite – These are generally leftovers from fertilizers and human sewage.
  • Heavy metals – Heavy metals like arsenic, chromium, copper, lead, and antimony can lead to cancer and damage your liver, kidneys and, children’s brains.
  • Magnesium and calcium – These contaminations are less damaging to your body but can build up in your pipes and appliances, causing costly repairs.
  • Microplastics – These particles can have negative effects on your hormones and reproductive system.

The Right Water Filtration System for the Right Problem

A water test might reveal that your water has one or a range of these contaminants. That news will help us find the best water filtration system for your needs.

You may need one or a combination of three main kinds of systems:

In cases where your water contains different types of contaminants, more than one kind of water filtration system is beneficial.

For instance, if your water contains too much calcium and the pathogen Microsporidia, you would do best with a combination of UV light and reverse osmosis water treatments. The UV light would kill the pathogens, but the osmosis treatment would fully remove them and the calcium from your water.

Combining a filtration system with a water softener will help you maintain your appliances by preventing calcium build-ups that would eventually damage them.

Our trained team at Atlantic Blue Water Services knows which water treatment system will be right for your water. Check out our professionals and call for a water test in Sykesville, MD, today.

Book a Free Water Test in Sykesville, MD

We are so used to having fresh water running from our taps, that many people don’t consider the fact that it might not be pure. Unfortunately, this is often the case, and it can have extremely detrimental effects.

Continually drinking harmful water can lead to debilitating and life-changing or ending illnesses. A water test could save your health and your money.

Atlantic Blue Water Services offers free water tests in Sykesville, MD. Our customers rate us highly because they trust us to provide them with the cleanest and safest water possible.

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