Water Test Middletown, MD

Is the water that you drink or use to wash your clothes and dishes safe and clean? How confident are you that there are no chemicals, contaminants, or harmful substances present in your water? Even if it does not have a strange color, bad odor, or visible debris present, that does not mean that it is contaminant-free. The water cycle, lead pipes, agricultural activity nearby, and other things can impact your water and you will never know unless you complete a water test in Middletown, MD.

Atlantic Blue Water Services is proud to be a preferred provider of water tests in Middletown, MD to homeowners throughout the area. We want to educate you about what your water contains and how you can improve it to be even safer and cleaner. Once we receive your water sample, we will complete a thorough report that we can walk through with you so that you understand what it all means. We want you to have confidence in the state of your water, and a water test in Middletown, MD will help.

Why Should You Have a Water Test in Middletown, MD?

The water that comes to your home from a water treatment plant must follow the standards from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This water has been tested and treated professionally multiple times. However, it’s important to note that it will not remove contaminants that are not carefully regulated or substances that do not yet have a legal limit.

If you have a private well, completing a water test in Middletown, MD is even more critical because nobody will be testing it for you. If you do not complete water testing, there could be anything present in your water and you would have no way of knowing. At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we want you to feel equipped to make decisions about your health and safety, and knowing what is in your water is a part of that.

Some of the signs that you should schedule a water test in Middletown, MD include:

  • Water with a salty taste
  • Limescale on metal or plumbing fixtures
  • Soaps that don’t lather correctly
  • Radon in your home or detected in other homes nearby
  • Water that tastes like dirt, chlorine, or grass
  • Skin and hair that still feels dirty or dingy after washing
  • Spots on glasses or metal after washing
  • Water that contains visible debris
  • Outdated plumbing or pipes that might contain lead
  • Unexplained gastrointestinal illness
  • Water quality issues reported nearby
  • Mining, coal, farming, or other agricultural activity located near your house

Our team specializes in providing homeowners like you with a water test in Middletown, MD, and we take our time and look at all of the key aspects of your water, including the mineral content, hardness level, pH, and more.

What Things Can Be Detected During a Water Test in Middletown, MD?

We have comprehensive water tests that are designed specifically to detect as many substances as possible. This helps rule out certain contaminants and gives you critical insight into what your water contains. Depending on your needs, your water test in Middletown, MD can include:

  • Bacteria
  • Nitrates
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Radon
  • Poor pH levels
  • Hard water
  • Lead
  • Potability
  • Coliform bacteria
  • Dissolved solids
  • Sulfate
  • Chloride
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Corrosion
  • Copper

If you have a private well, you should complete your water test in Middletown, MD once a year. Even if you use city water that is already treated before it arrives at your home, it is still a good idea to test once every year or if you notice any changes. When you have specific problems or concerns, please let us know as we plan the testing process for your water sample.

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