Water Test Edgewater, MD

Water is the source of life for all organisms, and it is crucial for you and your family to have safe, clean water in your home. Although it may sound shocking, many people consume pollutants in their water every day without realizing it. Many factors can contribute to low-quality water supply, like broken pipes or improper storage. Luckily, this common problem has an easy solution. It is vital to have a water test in Edgewater, MD either annually or when you notice changes such as those to the water color, taste, or smell. Many contaminants in water are not visible to the naked eye, so conducting a water test is crucial to maintaining your health.

Atlantic Blue Water Services is a leading provider of water treatment services in Maryland and beyond. Our mission is to ensure safe water for every community with our years of certified, professional experience.

What Pollutants Will Be Identified During a Water Test?

Many pollutants in water cannot be seen, and unknown toxins could be causing harm to you and your family without your knowledge. Getting a regular water test in Edgewater, MD, will protect your health and quality of water. Here are some possible pollutants that are commonly identified in water:

  • Pesticide
  • Microorganisms and bacteria
  • An excessive amount of fluoride
  • Nitrate
  • Sulfate
  • Hard water, which has elevated levels of magnesium and calcium
  • Low or high pH levels
  • Radon
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Chloride
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)

While some of these pollutants sound alarming, we can eliminate and prevent any more toxic chemicals and materials from affecting you and your family with a water treatment plan.

Why You May Require a Water Test in Edgewater, MD

Every community in the nation has its water regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure clean and safe water if that water goes through a treatment facility. However, the standards do not cover all possible contaminants and well owners will not have anyone to perform their tests. That is why it’s essential to have a local water company conduct a water test in Edgewater, MD. We can test your water and find the best plan that works for your individual needs. If you are unsure whether you require a water test, here are some signs you may need one:

  • Dirty Water: All water that is safe to drink should be clear and pure. If there is any tint of color or visible sediment, the water is not safe.
  • Bad Taste: The taste of your water is one of the first things you may notice. Every person has different flavors they prefer, but it is easy to tell when your water has a foul taste. Trust your gut when you take a drink and contact us immediately if the water tastes off.
  • Chemical Smell: The smell of chemicals should never be present in any water source besides your pool. If you smell chemicals or earthy scents, get a water test immediately.
  • Your Soap Won’t Make Suds: If you feel like you have to use a ton of soap for your body or dishes, this is a sign you have hard water.
  • Water Supply Issues in Your Community: If your neighbors have mentioned issues with their water, it is highly likely to affect yours as well. Get ahead of it by conducting tests and getting a water treatment plan.
  • Plumbing Issues: Have you had recent plumbing issues? Or slow-moving faucets with excessive scum build-up? This is a sign your water might have elevated levels of minerals.

Contact Atlantic Blue Water Services for a Water Test in Edgewater, MD

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