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Water is a vital aspect of daily life. When your water becomes contaminated with pollutants and bacteria, the health and wellness of your family is at stake. Often, homeowners do not become aware of the quality of their water until a family member becomes ill, which is why frequent water testing is an essential aspect of maintaining your home.

Atlantic Blue Water Services provides College Park, MD, with premium water testing services that will leave you feeling confident about the quality and health of your water.

Importance of Water Testing

City water is full of contaminants that could eventually compromise the health of your family. Even if your water does not appear to be causing any adverse effects, it is important to get an annual water test to make sure your water is safe to drink and will not cause issues down the line.

Our detailed water tests examine the quality of your water and identify the presence of several contaminants, including:

  • Bacteria: Viral bacteria thrive in water. You can become ill from the presence of these pathogens through drinking your water, bathing in it, or even washing your hands with it.
  • Lead: Lead poisoning is a severe health risk that can result from drinking lead-contaminated water.
  • Pesticides: Pesticides are dangerous chemicals that often seep into your water supply from your yard.
  • Plastic particles: If any plastic pieces get into your water supply, they will leave microscopic particles behind that can affect your health.
  • Hard water: Calcium and magnesium often build up in your water supply, leading to hard water problems.

The safest water is pure and free of all contaminants, and the only way to be sure of the quality of your water is to have a professional conduct a thorough test. Atlantic Blue Water Services has the expertise you need to feel confident about your water.

Signs of Contaminated Water

Water can become contaminated through external sources or due to rust and debris in your pipes. There are signs you can look out for that indicate the presence of contaminants in your water.

Fill a glass with tap water and examine it closely to identify any of these signs:

  • Cloudiness
  • Small particles floating around the water
  • Sulfuric or otherwise unpleasant smells
  • Dirt or sediment
  • A bitter taste
  • Discoloration and staining

You should also examine your bathtubs and showers to see if any particles or stains are present after showering. If you notice these issues or are unsure of the quality of your water, you should stop drinking it and contact Atlantic Blue Water Services immediately to conduct a water test.

Water Testing Process

Our water testing process is quick and efficient. We will collect samples from several of your taps and use testing strips to identify your water’s pH level. These strips will also indicate which contaminants are present in the water. After our visit, we will get you the results of your water test in as little as three to five days.

When we identify the health and safety of your water, our team will recommend a water treatment solution to purify and soften your water supply.

Clean water is essential to your health and day-to-day life. Contact Atlantic Blue Water Services in College Park, MD, at 410-840-2583 to schedule an expert water test and begin the process of purifying your water.