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Fleck Systems is a leading provider of water softening systems and backwashing filters. Their filters and water softeners harness the reliability of the Fleck valve to ensure great results and optimal water quality at your home. Atlantic Blue Water Services can repair a comprehensive range of Fleck water equipment so that your system will last as long as possible and stay in fantastic condition. If you have a Fleck water softener, backwashing filter or other Fleck product, we can take care of maintaining and repairing your system to ensure maximum performance throughout the year.

At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we are proud to offer our clients the highest attention to detail, expert maintenance of their water treatment products and exceptional customer service. Because we are not limited by product lines, we can customize repairs and solutions to meet your precise needs. We were awarded Carroll’s Best Water Conditioning and Water Softening Company, as well as Carroll’s Best Plumbing Contractor for 2021, and it’s all thanks to our loyal customers. If you are interested in maintaining your Fleck Systems products, you can rely on our team. Whether you need complimentary water analysis or repairs for your water softener, Atlantic Blue Water Services is here to assist you and your family.

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About Atlantic Blue Water Services

Atlantic Blue Water Services (ABWS) offers a comprehensive range of water services including water treatment, water testing, well system services, plumbing services, water coolers and more. Over our years in business, we have worked hard to build our reputation as a trusted company that cares about the quality of the water that your family drinks and uses. We are fully licensed, insured and PHCC certified in backflow prevention.

We have a full service laboratory located conveniently in Westminster, MD where your water samples can be thoroughly tested for bacteria, chemicals and other contaminants. Through your results, our team can help guide you to the right solution for you and your loved ones. We offer complimentary basic water testing that can give you a quick look at your water, as well as more comprehensive testing that will show you precisely what is inside. If you have concerns about your water, we are here to guide you through the process of feeling confident about your water supply again.

Unlike others who care about selling particular products, we care the most about helping connect you with the perfect solution for your needs, regardless of how much it might or might not benefit us. We are not limited by product lines, so we can customize your solution to help with your specific problem or a range of problems that you have been experiencing. We have been voted part of Carroll County’s Best for 17 years and counting and are members of the Water Quality Association, Better Business Bureau and National Sanitation Foundation.

When you work with Atlantic Blue Water Services, you will benefit from our years of experience and passion for providing all of our clients with high-quality products that have been carefully designed, tested and engineered to be user-friendly and easy to maintain. We stand by all of the products that we offer and ensure that we are proud of all of the products we provide to our clients.