Earth Day clean water


Smart technology has been a growing segment for consumers for some time. Sure, you may have had that smart phone in your pocket for several years now, however there is so much more out there!

From smart cars and solar panels to home security systems and thermostats, smart technology can make life simpler, conserve resources and save you money.

There is one aspect of home technology that has remained virtually unchanged for years and it has to do with a resource we use daily: water. But a new system, W.E.T. will change how you think about your water consumption.

To borrow the words of the Jedi Master Yoda from “Empire Strikes Back”: “You must unlearn what you have learned.” That water softener systems will be nothing more than what they currently are: water-guzzling and salt-using machines that sit in the dark corners of basements.

With W.E.T., Water-Right has developed a smarter, more economical, and environmentally-friendly way for water softeners to work.

The U.S. Geological Survey says 85 percent of homes have hard water (dissolved calcium, metals, or other minerals), according to a 2012 story in the Chicago Tribune.

For those of you who have water softeners, many of those systems are inefficient when it comes to their water use during regeneration. However, Water-Right’s patented W.E.T. (Water Efficient Technology)reduces the amount of water and salt that its softener systems need to clean themselves, compared to others on the market. The long and short of it: W.E.T. learns when homeowners are going to need more water – or less water during a week’s use.

So what does this mean?

When the softener industry touts ‘salt savings’ through ‘high efficient’ systems, all that’s being W.E.T.-Logo-189x300expressed is the amount of salt being saved. However, W.E.T. learns your water usage and tells when to regenerate.

Let’s say, for example, your water softener system uses 1,175 gallons between regeneration. After four days, the household has used 960 gallons and regeneration will begin because there is only 215 gallons (18 percent) of capacity remaining – not enough water to get through the next day’s average water usage.

Our W.E.T. system automatically calculates the amount of salt and water the system needs to complete regeneration, based on the remaining capacity. Therefore, using the W.E.T. system can save an average consumer 18 percent on water and salt per regeneration. That’s on the low end; in some instances, uses can see up to a 50 percent savings in salt alone.

In turn, you conserve energy and keep water, salt (and money) from needlessly going down the drain!

W.E.T. Application

This system can be applied to both well and municipal water sources. However, applying W.E.T. to city water systems has shown the most savings on salt, backwash and rinse waters.

So, on this Earth Day, while your mind might venture towards more traditional ways to do your part in protecting the environment, don’t limit your efforts to environmental clean up or more traditional home efficiency upgrades. Remember that old water softener sitting in your basement and give the experts at Atlantic Blue Water Services a call to find out how you too can get your water W.E.T.!



Article Originally Written and Published April 7th by WaterCare