Water Treatment Sykesville, MD

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Water treatment is essential in Sykesville, MD, particularly given how many of its residents use well water. Well water doesn’t go through all the rigorous testing or filtration that plant water does, which can leave it with harmful contaminants.

Many people choose to drink only bottled water, which is an unsustainable solution. Compared to tap water, bottled water is both expensive and harmful to the environment. But even if you only drink bottled water, you will still be using the water from your tap to wash yourself, your clothes, and dishes and prepare food.

Atlantic Blue Water Services offers a range of water treatments in Sykesville, MD, to help you keep you and your family clean and safe.

Atlantic Blue Water Services offers whole-home water testing, treatment, and filtration services to ensure a clean supply of drinking water in your home. Keep reading to learn more about our water treatment services in Finksburg, MD, and how they can help you save money and safeguard your health.

What’s in Your Water?

Water plants filter their water several times before it’s piped to people’s homes. But that doesn’t mean it arrives in the same condition it left. The water can dissolve minerals as it flows to your home, or pick up contaminants from aging pipes along the way.

Some of these contaminants can severely harm you or your household appliances after long-term exposure. Hundreds of things that can be hiding in your water, but here are five of the most common:

  • Nitrates – These are chemicals most commonly found in fertilizers, manures, and waste from plumbing systems and septic tanks. Even short-term exposure can be fatal, particularly to infants.
  • Arsenic – Studies have linked arsenic to digestive and skin problems, numbness in extremities, skin and bladder cancer, and even death.
  • Bacteria, protozoans, and parasites – There will always be some level of these in your water, and many are harmless. However, others, like coli and Legionella pneumophilia, can be incredibly dangerous, particularly to infants and the elderly.
  • Aluminum – As one of the most common elements on earth, it is not surprising that some level of it gets into the water supply. But if ingested, it can cause damage to the nervous system and kidney diseases.
  • Fluoride ­– While many areas have added fluoride to water for decades, recent studies have shown that it may be damaging to both your teeth and bones.

The first step to the right water treatment is a water test. Call Atlantic Blue today to schedule one.

How You Know You Need Water Treatment

While some contaminants can go undetected without a professional water test, there are indicators that you need a specific kind of treatment:

  • Unclear water – Your water should be completely transparent. If it isn’t, this could be a sign of bacteria or rust.
  • Earthy smell or taste – These can be an indicator of algae in your water system, some of which can be harmful to your health.
  • Metallic taste – This is often a sign of erosion in your pipes or naturally occurring iron and can lead to high acid levels in your water. We can treat this with an acid neutralizer.
  • Rotten egg smell – This happens when your water has a high level of hydrogen sulfide. We get rid of this with backwashing filters and aeration devices.
  • Chlorine smell or taste – Water plants use chlorine to clean the water, but it can cause a bad odor or taste if the levels are too high. Depending on the level, we can use either carbon filtration, osmosis, or point-of-use carbon.
  • Dark stains on clothing – These stains can indicate a high level of manganese, which we can lower using softening treatment or a filtration system.

The team at Atlantic Blue Water Services knows just the right water treatment to solve these problems. Contact us today for an evaluation.

Keeping Your Home Safe

At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we are committed to ensuring every home has clean, safe water. It doesn’t matter whether the problem is in a single tap or your whole home; our team will install the right water treatment for you.

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