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When it comes to keeping your home and loved ones safe, few things are as vital as clean water. From washing hands to cleaning clothes and dishes, even making our favorite recipes, water is such an intrinsic part of our lives that we sometimes take it for granted—that is, until there’s a problem.

A strange taste, color, or odor from the tap might be the first sign that lead, minerals, or other contaminants are getting into your water. At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we’ve built our reputation on using licensed and insured technicians—not salespeople—to test your water and provide an honest recommendation for treatment.

We’re glad to offer residents a free water test in their homes or at our retail store in Carroll County. To learn more about us, or for more details about our water testing and other services, please call us today.

Why Order a Water Test?

According to the EPA, the United States has one of the safest and most reliable supplies of drinking water in the world. Roughly 150,000 public water systems nationwide provide drinking water through local suppliers, who should have an EPA Consumer Confidence Report available upon request. This lists any contaminants the EPA has detected and whether the system meets state and federal standards for drinking water. About 10 percent of Americans receive drinking water from private wells, which are not regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Even if your home does not use a well, you still may notice some issues with your water quality. For instance, if your water appears frothy, cloudy, or colored, there could be detergents present. Older plumbing fixtures can add lead or copper to your water as they corrode. A nearby fuel or chemical spill or a farm also can affect your water, adding solvents, nitrates, pesticides, or coliform bacteria, the EPA says.

Have you noticed white, scaly residues on your utensils or faucets? Do your soaps not lather? Your home might have hard water, which develops from large amounts of calcium or magnesium. Hard water needs to be balanced or softened precisely; otherwise, your water could gain excess manganese or iron, the EPA says.

At Atlantic Blue Water Services, our interest in the quality of drinking water is personal as well as professional. We’re a part of this community, too, as our customer reviews can attest. We’ll discover whatever pathogens are lurking in your water supply and how to keep your water pure, fresh, and safe.

How Often Should My Home Have a Water Test?

If you notice any change in your residential water conditions, Atlantic Blue Water Services can perform a free water test to put your mind at ease.

We also agree with EPA recommendations to test your water annually if you have a private drinking water supply. It’s important to check for any dissolved solids (such as microscopic residues from plastics), nitrates, coliform bacteria, and pH levels. Water with a pH level higher than 8.5 can have an unpleasant taste or smell; a pH lower than 6.5 indicates more acidity and possible pollutants, and can damage pipes and appliances.

Expecting a new baby? The EPA also recommends testing your water for nitrates if your family is expecting, and again during the first six months of the baby’s life.

We also think it’s wise to have a water test if you’ve replaced or repaired a well or any pumps, pipes, or parts of your household water system.

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At Atlantic Blue Water Services, our free basic water test and analysis comes with no obligation. We also conduct free evaluations of your water treatment system. Whether you use city water or well water, please call our water testing professionals in Woodbine, MD, today at 410-840-BLUE.