Water Test Laurel, MD

If you have noticed that your water has a strange smell or taste, you probably need a water test.

We use our tap water for so many different things beyond just drinking, and unclean water can damage your appliances, clothes, and health. It is no understatement to say that making sure your water supply is clean could literally save your life.

At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we can test for any impurities or contaminants that your water might contain. There is nothing more important than keeping your family’s water supply safe.

Why Do I Need a Water Test?

Cloudy water, water with bits in it, and bad-smelling water are all obvious signs that you need a water test. But many of the contaminants that we test for go undetected by humans. Testing is particularly important when it comes to well water.

Water supplied by the city may still have a variety of contaminants by the time it arrives at your home, but well water does not go through the same filtration system. So, it vitally important that you are aware of exactly what your water contains.

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What’s in Your Water

The range of contaminants in your water supply might surprise you. Even if it looks and tastes completely fine, it could be hiding contaminants that are dangerous to yourself, your family, clothing, or household appliances.

The EPA recommends yearly water tests, and you can never be sure of the quality of your water unless you test it yourself. Often your water travels a long way to reach your home, so many things could affect it on its journey.

While the following isn’t all the contaminants your water might contain, they are some of the most common.

  • Pathogens – Water can easily pick up viruses and bacteria that can cause a number of illnesses.
  • Nitrates and nitrites – Found in fertilizers and human sewage, these compounds can often find their way into water supplies.
  • Heavy metals – Even low levels of arsenic, chromium, copper, lead, and antimony can damage organs, cause cancer, and sometimes be fatal.
  • Magnesium and calcium – While magnesium and calcium can have detrimental effects on your body, they will also build up and damage your household appliances.
  • Microplastics – The consumption of microplastics can seriously damage your hormones and reproductive system.

Choosing the Correct Water Filtration System

Each contaminant can have different effects, and they also require different solutions. Each treatment system works differently to remove, deactivate, or filter out impurities.

At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we offer three main types of filtration systems:

  • Water softeners use water salts or filters to remove magnesium and calcium.
  • UV light water purifiers attack and destroy harmful pathogens.
  • Reverse osmosis uses filters to remove contaminants from flowing water.

However, if you have more than one kind of contaminant, you may need a combination of different filtration systems to clean your water completely.

For example, UV light treatments kill pathogens, but they don’t completely remove them from the water as osmosis can. It can also be useful to include a water softener to stop the build-up of calcium from decreasing your appliances’ lifespans.

The professionals at Atlantic Blue will test your water, then recommend the right treatment.

Contact Us for a Free Water Test

At Atlantic Blue Water Services, we are committed to ensuring that every home in Laurel, MD, has clean and safe water. Without it, you could be exposing yourself and your family to health hazards and potentially fatal illnesses.

We conduct free tests, allowing us to recommend the right water filtration system for your water.

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