Water Test Finksburg, MD

If you are reading this, you may be considering a water filtration system for your home. Selecting a method to purify your water can be a challenge as these systems differ from each other, and they target different water contaminants.

To select the right system for your water treatment needs, you need a professional water test for your home in Finksburg, MD. Once you know the impurities and contaminants in your water, you can choose the appropriate water treatment.

Why Do You Have to Test Your Water?

As a homeowner in Finksburg, it is crucial to know the quality of your tap- and well water. You and your family use water for drinking, washing dishes and clothes, and personal hygiene—and could be exposed daily to contaminants that cause a wide range of serious health concerns, including organ damage and even cancer.

The most common residential water contaminants include:

  • Nitrates from fertilizers, liquid waste, and manures
  • Heavy metals, like arsenic and chromium
  • Lead from old pipes
  • Microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria
  • Minerals such as calcium and magnesium that cause hard water
  • Plastic particles that never breakdown in the environment

There are many more contaminants that can pollute your drinking water. Conducting a water test will give insight into your drinking water quality and potential health concerns.

A water test is also necessary to know which filtration system you need. Some units remove minerals while others kill microbes in your water. After testing your water, our team will recommend the most effective filtration system to clean your water.

Signs of Water Contamination

Impurities are not always obvious, but there are several indications that your water may be contaminated. If these describe your water, call Atlantic Blue Water Services for a free water test today.

  • The water has a prominent chlorine smell
  • There is dirt or sediment in the water
  • The water has a metallic or bitter taste
  • The water is brown or orange, and it stains bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • The water has a prominent sulfur smell, which is similar to that of rotten eggs
  • The water is cloudy or contains visible particles

If you notice any of the above, your water may contain harmful impurities.

A Filtration System for Your Needs

The primary objective of a water test is to find out which water filtration system you need for your Finksburg, MD, home. Filtrations systems typically specialize in eliminating specific contaminants, but there are also combination units available for added versatility.

The most common water filtration systems include:

  • Water softeners: These water purifiers lower the mineral content of hard water by removing calcium and magnesium. Most systems use salt to remove these minerals.
  • UV light water purifiers: UV light water treatments kill microbes, such as viruses and bacteria. It deactivates microbes by destroying their DNA.
  • Reverse osmosis water treatment: These systems clean water by forcing it through a filtration membrane. This option is ideal for removing chemical contaminants and pathogens like bacteria.

Your water may have a high mineral content as well as bacteria and pathogens. After testing your water, we will recommend a suitable water treatment for your needs.

Free Professional Water Testing in Finksburg, MD

Scheduling a water test in Finksburg is the first step toward clean, healthy water. Our technician will visit your home and conduct a thorough analysis of your water. If there are contaminants in your water, we will let you know how to remove them.

Pollutants aren’t always obvious, and only a water test can detect them. Order an at-home test to analyze your water yourself or have an in-home comprehensive testing performed by the professionals at Atlantic Blue Water Services. Contact us today at (410) 840-BLUE (2583).