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Ned Van Allan

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My name is Ned Van Allan. I'm a Water Specialist with Atlantic Blue Water Services. You can reach me here:

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Atlantic Blue Sampling Procedures for Bottle Drops

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How to collect a water sample for Basic Water Test (AB-Level 1); Additional expanded water test (AB-Level 2); Sample bottles will typically be in clear bottles if obtained from our lab. Please follow these basic protocols & procedures when collecting a drinking water sample:

1.) AB-Level 1, must be picked up within a 6-hour period of sample drawn.

2.) Kitchen or bathroom cold-water faucet is to be used for sampling. If the primary concern is contamination of the well head or well tank, draw the water as close to those sources as possible.

3.) Place one of our clean/clear sample catching containers below the faucet and gently open the cold-water tap. Completely fill all sample bottles. This sample will be testing for: Hardness, Iron, pH, TDS, Chlorides, & Nitrates…

4 A.) Leave sample outside the door or near the mailbox.

4 B.) Call (AB) Representative to coordinate pick-up for most reliable test results.

Please follow the below 7-basic protocols in PLACE when collecting a bacteria test sample: (Expanded level 2 sampling includes Bacteria)

A.) Complete the submission form and make sure to completely document the date & time of collection. The lab cannot accurately test the sample without this information.

B.) Select an inside faucet that is: (clean and not leaking / spinning / or has an aerator.)

C.) Remove any faucet attachments such as filters, aerators, screens, splashguards, or water-saver valves.

D.) Sanitize the faucet inside and out by dipping the faucet neck into undiluted chlorine/bleach (do not use color-safe bleach).

E.) Open tap fully and flush the faucet and pipes with running water for 3 minutes. If sampling from a faucet that mixes hot and cold water, run hot water for approximately 3 minutes, then cold water for 3 minutes. Do not turn off the water but reduce the flow to avoid splashing.

F.) Uncap the sample bottle (clear bottle with powder or may have water droplet tablet) without touching the inside of the cap or bottle, fill the bottle above the 100 mL line, but not completely full and recap. Please note that the white bottle contains the substance (Thiosulphate); which is a dechlorinating agent, which is essential. Fill the bottle only once; do not rinse.

G.) Sample for Bacteria must be left on ice and tested within a 24-hour period. That means it must be picked up within 6 hours of the sample being taken.

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