Water Softener Manchester, MD

Every homeowner deserves water that is clean, safe, and easy to use without worry. However, millions of homeowners around the United States have water flowing into their homes that needs some type of filtration or treatment before it can safely be used. One of the most common water issues that homeowners face is hard water. Hard water refers to water that has high mineral levels of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. 

While hard water is not an acute hazard like other contaminants, it can do serious damage to your plumbing, clothing, skin, hair, and appliances over time. Atlantic Blue Water Services works with homeowners just like you to provide them with accurate testing and the right solution. How do you know whether or not your family could benefit from a water softener in Manchester, MD?

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water has high levels of minerals inside of it. This happens naturally due to the water cycle, and both city water and well water can be considered hard. The more magnesium and calcium present in the water, the higher that the hardness level will be. Water that has low levels of minerals is known as soft water. 

There are multiple hardness levels based on how much dissolved calcium carbonate is present in your water:

  • 0-60 mg/L: soft to slightly hard
  • 61-120 mg/L: moderately hard
  • 121-180 mg/L: hard
  • 180+ mg/L: very hard

Why Is Hard Water a Bad Thing?

While hard water will not make you sick or lead to immediate consequences, the cumulative effect of hard water over time will cause serious wear and tear on your appliances. skin, hair, and clothing. Modern appliances and detergents are designed to use soft water, so hard water does a poor job at cleaning and will accumulate over time in your pipes, washing machine, dishwasher, and clothes. On a more superficial level, hard water also leads to unattractive staining and discoloration on sinks, bathtubs, and other porcelain surfaces. The best way to take care of hard water is with a water softener in Manchester, MD. 

What Are the Signs You Need a Water Softener in Manchester, MD?

The best way to know exactly what is in your water is water testing. While there are many subtle signs that you need a water softener in Manchester, MD, Atlantic Blue Water Services can help you find the testing that you need to confirm the exact hardness levels present. What are some of the signs that you are experiencing a water hardness issue?

  1. Chalky residue or spotting on glasses and dishes after washing
  2. Clothes that feel rough or look dull 
  3. Dry or itchy skin 
  4. Poor water pressure
  5. Hair that feels stringy or dull even after washing
  6. Increased blood pressure without other dietary changes
  7. Water-using appliances that seem to be running less efficiently than in the past
  8. Scale build-up on faucets
  9. Tap water that has a slightly metallic taste
  10. Staining on light-colored surfaces like the toilet and bathtub 

How Can You Fix Hard Water?

When you have hard water, the only way to solve your problem is with a high-quality water softener in Manchester, MD. Atlantic Blue Water Services specializes in repairing and maintaining a full range of water softening systems. We are not tied to a specific manufacturer, which allows us to assist as many people as possible with their needs. How can we help you?

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