9 Stage Filtration Bottle-Less Water Coolers

A nine-stage purification process is an innovative technology that not only eliminates contaminates through a state of the art reverse osmosis or ultrafine purification process, but also adds nutrients to enhance proper hydration. This revolutionary process sanitizes every drop of water, balances PH levels by adding alkalinity, provides a nutrient boost, and even provides an added immunity detoxification to insure proper health. The result is cleaner, healthier, better tasting water that increases work place efficiency through proper hydration. The state of the art design and technology provides the most interior friendly water purification system, with the best tasting drinking water available.

Service contracts for water coolers also available. If you already own your equipment and need service please call for details.

AB Model B4011

Hot & Cold Bottle-less Cooler
Large Capacity Cold & Hot Tank
Cold Water Capacity: 3.2 Gallons
Hot Water Capacity: 1.3 Gallons
Energy Boost w/ Re-mineralization Filter
Double Float Shut Off System to Prevent Overflow
LG Parts & Components
Ablility to Switch Hot Water On & Off
Stainless Steel Hot & Cold Tanks
Color: Black

The 4011 features an unprecedented large capacity cold tank capacity of 3.2 gallons. Available in black or white color options, the 4011 is the solution for high volume consumption, ensuring more cold and crisp water on demand than regular coolers

AB Model B8020

Hot & Cold Bottle-less Cooler
Cold Tank Capacity: 1.2 Gallon
Hot Tank Capacity: .55 Gallon
LG Parts & Components
All Stainless Steel Reservoirs
Balances pH Levels in the Water
Sanitization & Immune Detox
Nutrient Boost
Speedy Water Replenishment
Clean & Fresh Taste
Color: Black

.The 8020 is compact yet powerful enough to meet the demands of personal or business use. This efficient model utilizes a 9-stage ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis process to ensure cleaner, healthier hot or cold water is dispensed to the end user.


AB WS 1000CT
AB WS 1000CT

pH Balanced | Nutrient Boost | Alkalinity Enhanced | Color: Black

Smart, Healthy, Eco-Friendly Drinking Water in a Convenient Countertop Unit. Eliminates Plastic Bottles, Innovative Design & Technology, All Stainless Steel Reservoirs, Balances pH Levels in the Water, Alkalinity Enhanced, Continuous Tank Sanitization, Immune Detox, Nutrient Boost, Clean Fresh Taste

Stages of Filtration

Stage 1: Sediment Filter

Stage 2: Pre Carbon Filter

Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis or
Ultra Fine Membrane

Stage 4: PH Balance

Stage 5: Immune Detox

Stage 6: Nutrient Boost

Stage 7: Sanitization

Stage 8 & 9: TCR Filter

The 8th and 9th stages run through final polishing taste & chlorine reduction carbon filter which assures the cleanest, freshest, healthiest best tasting water possible.

Wellsys 9 State Water Filtration

Atlantic Blue installs bottle-less water coolers in residential homes, businesses and offices throughout Central Maryland and Southern PA including Carroll County, Howard County, Baltimore MD, Frederick MD, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County. Any questions on where we can deliver please call or email today. Water cooler service contracts and maintenance agreements are available on all our bottleless water coolers.If you already own your equipment and need service please call for details.

Go green, help the environment, eliminate hassles of bottled water delivery.